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Why Being an Adult Sucks: Halloween Edition

Produced by Korl Cusick, E23 staff In a college town far far away lives a tiger named Korl who discovered that Halloween as an adult, sucks. For more online exclusives, check out our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching! Colleen Sloyan, E23 exec


On Oct. 29, 2015, E23 gets spooky with hosts Tana Kelley and Amos Chen. Amos tackles MU entertainment as the Mizzou offense as his costume (No costume? No offense.) Ian Nickens discusses the decades old vegetarian versus bacon lovers debacle and a FL country resident that’s gone over to the dark side. Tyra Murray pops […]

E23 Episode 5

E23 newbie hosts Africa Baker and Nora Thiemann weave MU students through this week’s crazy entertainment events. Headliner Arielle Cadet dives into the Lamar Odom update, gives you a few Hershey’s kisses (xoxo Gossip Girl), and discusses Drake’s turtle neck movement. A movement, E23 fashion correspondents hope MU leaves to alumni tigers. Lindsey Wilkerson wandered […]

E23 Episode 4

This Thursday E23 hosts McKenzie Jester and Sana Moore took you through the entertainment happenings of the week. Ian Nickens talks about “turning up” in politics and covers the homecoming. Morgan Partney talks homecoming house decorations and Africa Baker talks culture and couture in the Shack. Bailey Sims uncovers what Mizzou students say to pick […]

E23 Episode 3

Check out episode 3 of E23 where hosts Kayla Johnson and David Colton take you through Mizzou and Columbia’s entertainment events. Ambriehl Turrentine gives you some advice on fire safety and admits to her Fetty Wap obsession. While David wonders off the dog surfing competition, Amos Chen asks students about their favorite Halloween costumes. Colleen […]