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Grow Your Spring Playlist

By: Olivia Rivers, E23 Reporter Four seasons exist on this planet of ours, and by far, spring is the best season of all. From the Earth sprouts new life reminding us of the beauty and attractions of our own. The sun lightly caresses exposed skin while breezes whip hair into a hundred different directions, creating […]

Summertime Sadness: What To Do When You Are Missing Mizzou

By: Morgan Kopitsky, Twitter: @morgankopitsky Only one week stands between a campus full of students and the long-awaited summer. With the stress of finals finally behind them, they can look forward to whatever excited plans are to come. However, after reconnecting with friends and family, getting back to work at a summer job, or even […]

The Real Winners of the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

By: Mackenzie Huck, E23 Reporter It was supposed to be the most anticipated fight in recent history. It ended up falling flat in the eyes of many viewers. I am, of course, referring to the welterweight fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao that happened Friday, May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las […]

Welcome to the World, Little Princess!

By: Brooke Prinster, E23 Staffer Why is the Princess of Cambridge receiving so much more publicity than the birth of Prince George back in 2013? How did Kate Middleton manage to look unbelievably flawless after stepping out of the Lindo Wing? Do we call the newborn Princess Charlotte or Princess Alice? These questions lead to […]

What to Wear This Summer

By: Morgan Partney, E23 Reporter Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means… new summer wardrobe! If you’re anything like me, one of the best parts about summer is shopping and finding new cute clothes to wear for every adventure you will embark this season. From country concerts, to laying by the pool, or […]

I Like Big Lips and I Cannot Lie: Kylie Jenner Challenge

By: Kyreon Lee, E23 Reporter, Twitter: @simply_kyreon The hashtag #KylieJennerChallenege is trending all over social media. This is due to teenagers around the globe taking part in the challenge that involves putting your lips into a shot glass or small bottle and sucking in, creating a suction technique to swell up their lips to “look […]

Last Outgoing Train From Procrastination Station: Tips and Resources For a Final Grade Boost

By: Colleen Sloyan, E23 Reporter (@ColleenMich3lle) Spring weather has students looking toward the sun and not toward the end of the class syllabus. It is time to close the weather app and start making those study guides. MU has resources right here on campus to help give you that final grade boost. E23 also has […]

Food, Glorious Food: The Best and Worst Dining Halls on Campus

By: Daniel Konstantinovic, E23 Reporter It’s an indisputable fact that between the transition from high school to college, and even in college itself, you’ll make some of the most important decisions of your life. Which school to go to, your major, internships, and more will be hanging over your head throughout these four pivotal years […]

Those Three R’s? They’re Relevent

By: Lauren Magarino, E23 Reporter Remember the three “R’s?” They were probably drilled into your head, most likely during grades first through fifth, in your generic science class. If you are struggling to recall them, they are: reduce, reuse, recycle. As you reminisce over these terms, I can imagine your eyes glazing at the very […]

Celebrity Tweets This Week- Taco Bell Themed

By: Morgan Kopitsky, E23 Reporter College students know how important it is to stretch their dollars, especially when it comes to food. Search any dorm room, and it is almost a guarantee that there will be cups of Easy Mac and plenty of Ramen. Another staple for college students is Taco Bell. With Happy Hour […]