Ariana Grande: Honeymoon tour, St. Louis, Mo.

By: Morgan Partney On Sunday, October 4, I had the pleasure of attending Ariana Grande’s concert, in St. Louis, Mo. This concert took place at the Scottrade Center, where the St. Louis Blues normally play. Since I was already a huge Arianator before the show, my opinions might be a little biased, but it was […]

Commentary on Drake and Future Collaboration

By: Amos Chen On the song “Where Ya At,” a collaboration between rappers Drake and Future on Future’s album DS2, Drake raps, “Where ya at when we took the city over?” This proves a fitting statement, for at the time of the track’s release, the two rappers were not just at dizzying levels of success […]

Hamilton is Here to Stay

By: Nancy Coleman To most people, a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton sounds like a punch line in a comedy routine. Lin-Manuel Miranda is not like most people. During the Broadway run of his first Tony Award winning musical In the Heights—for which he was the composer, lyricist, and leading man Usnavi—Miranda picked up a […]

Self-Titled Album: Fetty Wap

By: Amanda Rhim From amateur turned overnight hip-hop sensation, hip-hop/R&B singer Fetty Wap recently released his debut self-titled album Fetty Wap on Sept. 25. The 25-year old emerged in the music industry in 2011 as a songwriter but did not jumpstart his career until 2014’s ever defining hit “Trap Queen.” This recognition skyrocketed his career […]

“Scream Queens” Review

By: Nora Thiemann Scream Queens, the new Fox comedy-horror series, comes from the executive producers of Glee and American Horror Story. For all of those in love with Greek life, I would avoid watching this, but for all those who cannot stand the mere thought of another girl screaming about her little or another guy […]

Daily Breakdown of Best Moments at NYFW

By: Morgan Partney If you missed this fall’s New York Fashion week, don’t worry, because I’ve got the runway rundown on this season’s best parts of the show! The week started off on Sept.10, and ended on Sept. 17. Thursday, Sept. 10: On the first day, there were four different shows. The standout moment was […]

Campus Student Feature: Fashion Picks

By: Africa Baker Sept. 24, 2015 As a college student, it’s easy to throw on sweats and t-shirts as the outfit of choice for the day (or week). However, there’s always that one person in your 8 a.m. that makes you question how they manage to put on jeans. E23 has found MU students that […]

Park(ing) Day: Change for Columbia

By: Davis McCondichie On Friday, Sept. 18, the residents of Columbia were treated to a brilliant display of innovative infrastructure known as Park(ing) Day. The event transformed Ninth Street parking spaces into public parks sponsored by local companies and artists. Designs ranged from a small craft studio to a bocce ball court. One thing was […]

Campus Perspective: Pageant queen criticized for nursing profession monologue

By: Lindsey Wilkerson (@lindzwilkerson) On Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015, the Miss America pageant finals were held in Atlantic City, N.J. The top fifteen contestants performed a variety of talents from singing and dancing to reading monologues. Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado, brought a new talent to the Miss America 2016 stage by reciting a monologue she […]

The Not-So Rising Action of “The Visit”

By: Davis McCondichie Everyone has seen a movie that makes you think, “What did I just watch?” However, none of these films measure up to the bizarre box office release “The Visit”. Critics and audiences alike were hoping for an exceptional return from the once great director M. Night Shyamalan. What audiences received was a […]