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Malik Moves In Another Direction

By: Lauren Magarino, E23 Reporter On Wednesday, March 25, the world experienced a catastrophe it had not experienced in 13 years, the breakup of another boy band. Okay, it was not technically a full on break-up, but the result was synonymous by breaking many hearts all over the world. On Wednesday, Zayn Malik left One Direction. […]

Spring into Deliciousness

By: Olivia Rivers, E23 Reporter As of March 20th, spring is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere! You’ve already given some thought to what spring activities you’ll partake in and what clothes you’ll be able to wear now that you don’t have to worry about the cold Missouri weather assaulting you. But, have you thought […]

Tigers Dance the Night Away!

By: Kyreon Lee, E23 Reporter MizzouThon is the largest student-ran philanthropy on campus where money is raised for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to help support pediatric patients. This year, MizzouThon signed a $1 million pledge to fund the renovation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The slogan is “Everything we do is FTK: […]

Spring Midterms Study Playlist

By: Zach Gee, E23 Reporter It’s that time again, Tigers. The promise land of Spring Break is almost here, but first come the trials and tribulations of midterms. In an effort to help, here is a playlist that can be played while studying or doing any other important assignments. And So It Is by Nick […]

Mizzou Gone Wild—Spring Break 2015

By: Kyreon Lee, E23 Reporter The time is finally here! That’s right spring break is just days away and we all can take a break from this insane college life! If you don’t have plans, then you’re in luck because it’s not too late! So pack your bags, round up your closest friends, and lets […]

How to Put Beautiful Weather and Studying Together

By: Morgan Partney, E23 Reporter As we’re half way through the semester, we can’t help but notice the weather going from unbearable, to enjoyable. For some of us, the weather is starting to become so enjoyable we can’t seem to get ourselves back inside. All we can think about is lying outside to catch some […]

Spring Break Fashion

By: Morgan Partney, E23 Reporter It’s that time of year again, when the depressing cold of the winter is finally coming to an end, and we celebrate with a week of sunny days and no school. That’s right, it’s spring break time! The only problem that seems to occur is having been so used to […]

Little Money? No Problem: Spring Break Staycation Ideas

By: Char’Nese Turner Spring break is almost here and I’m sure every Tiger is looking forward to upcoming week without classes. In the college world spring break equals party time! Many MU students will spend the break traveling the states or vacationing out of the country while the rest of us head to the very […]

Spring Break Then & Now

By: Char’Nese Turner, E23 Staffer Who was the genius that decided to give college students the week off of school to party, relax and do whatever else they wanted without any parental guidance? Spring breakers all over the world are forever indebted to the mystery man or woman who started such a phenomenon. No, I’m […]

Spring Break Health and Safety Tips​

By: Char’Nese Turner While everyone is pumped and in the spirit of spring break it is important to highlight some health and safety tips before MU students take flight to the lands of party. 1. Sure, alcohol is a big aspect of spring break but just because its available to you doesn’t mean you have to […]