Two MU Faculty Members Apologize for Interactions With Media During ‘Concerned Student 1950’ Demonstration

By Lauren Petterson   Two MU faculty members who were seen in a viral video confronting a reporter have now apologized for their actions. Melissa Click has resigned from her affiliations with the MU School of Journalism and the Chancellor’s Student Publications Committee. Janna Basler has been put on administrative leave and has been relieved of her duties as […]

Hank Foley Set to Replace R. Bowen Loftin as MU Interim Chancellor

                      By Daniel Konstantinovic, Haley Broughton and Lauren Petterson University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin resigned on Monday, Nov. 9, following protests and requests from several Deans and faculty members for his removal. A few hours after Loftin’s resignation, it was announced that Hank […]

‘Concerned Student 1950’ Holds Press Conference in Response to UM President’s Resignation

Haley Broughton, 23News Staff Writer The 11 original members of Concerned Student 1950 held a press conference at Traditions Plaza on Monday afternoon, Nov. 9. Jonathan Butler, who has been hunger striking since Nov. 2, was present and answered a few questions from the press. Before the question-and-answer session, Concerned Student 1950 made their next […]

University System President Tim Wolfe Resigns

Danielle Katz, 23News Staff Writer UM System president Tim Wolfe announced his resignation at Monday’s UM Board of Curators’ meeting. Wolfe resigned in response to various protests and widespread criticism from students, faculty and staff. “Use my resignation to heal,” Wolfe said. “Let’s focus in changing what we can change today and in the future, […]

‘Concerned Student 1950’ Protests for UM President’s Removal with Hunger Strike, Boycott

Danielle Katz, 23News Staff Writer Students from the Concerned Student 1950 organization traveled to Kansas City to meet with University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe about racism on the MU campus on Friday, Nov. 6. When a member of the group asked about systematic oppression, Wolfe said he would give an answer, but that […]

“New Media for New Voters” Forum Discusses Political Engagement in Millennials

Emily McCarter, 23News Staff Writer “New Media for New Voters: A Public Forum” taught people about the millennial generation, young people ages 18 to 30, and how the demographic interacts with the political sphere. Five nationally known researchers were a part of the conversation on Thursday, Oct. 29. The panelists included Leticia Bode, an assistant professor at […]

Citizens Response Course Teaches Students How to Handle Active Threats

Tana Kelley, 23News Staff Writer On Oct. 14, students met in the MUPD conference center for the Citizens Response to Active Threat Incidents course. The class is one of many self-defense classes at MU that meets multiple times throughout the school year. Since threat incidents can occur at any time on school campuses, this class […]

Kyle Maynard Gives “No Excuses” in Speech for Celebrate Ability Week

Tana Kelley, 23News Staff Writer Kyle Maynard, a two-time ESPY award winner and author of New York bestseller “No Excuses”, spoke about overcoming challenges as a disabled individual in his speech last Thursday, Oct. 15, as a part of Celebrate Ability week. He began his story at a young age, when most people around him believed […]

“If These Walls Could Talk” Uses Art to Tell Personal Stories

Natalie Simpson, 23News Staff Writer In conjunction with the Multicultural Center, Four Front Council and the Missouri Students Association Social Justice Committee, the Women’s Center hosted “If These Walls Could Talk” on Oct. 22. The purpose of the event was to allow students to tell their own stories or the stories that inspired them through […]

Clothesline Project Raises Awareness for Violence Prevention

Haley Broughton, 23News Staff Writer On Oct. 8, the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention center held the Clothesline Project on Lowry Mall. The project features t-shirts designed by survivors and victims of violence, strung across the Mall in hopes of impacting those who stopped to look at them. The designs on the t-shirts ranged from […]