Keynote Speech Encourages Green Dot Strategy

Jasmin Hampton, 23News Staff Writer Dr. Dorothy Edwards, the executive director of the Green Dot program, gave a keynote speech on Sept. 30 in Jesse Auditorium. According to Edwards, 1 in 4 students are victims of violence; whether it be sexual, verbal, physical or emotional, she knew that she could not let this continue. Edwards […]

MU Holds Council on Violence Against Women

Haley Broughton, 23News Staff Writer On Oct. 6, the MU Council on Violence Against Women met to discuss ideas on ways to further prevent violence on campus. Groups and organizations such as Green Dot, the Title IX office and the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) center were able to present current and future plans […]

President Obama’s College Report Card

Aviva Okeson-Haberman, 23News Staff Writer     On September 12, 2015, President Obama announced a new interactive web site that provides information about colleges across the U.S. It includes statistics such as average annual cost, graduation rate, salary after attending the college and typical total debt. While the college scorecard is mainly intended to help high […]

Pocket Points Allows Students to Earn Discounts for Avoiding Phones

Emily McCarter, 23News Staff Writer Students are now being encouraged by a smartphone application to put away their phones and pay more attention in class. Pocket Points is an app that rewards students for not checking their phone during a lecture or lab on campus. The app began at Chico State University in Chico, CA. Chico […]

Trigger Warnings: Their Use (and Lack Thereof) in MU Classrooms

  Aviva Okeson-Haberman, 23News Staff Writer For some victims of traumatic experiences like sexual assault or abuse, triggers can be everywhere –  a documentary about rape, a graphic depiction of violence or even a certain sound or smell. Increasingly, people are calling on professors to warn students in advance if they teach using material that […]

Republican Presidential Candidates Participate in Second GOP Debate

  Hannah Archambault, 23News Staff Writer The GOP held its second presidential debate on Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. in the Reagan Library. This debate was hosted and broadcasted by CNN. If you weren’t able to watch or you couldn’t sit through the two hours it took for all 11 candidates to speak, here are […]

Craft Studio Hosts Party for MU Families

    Emily McCarter, 23News Staff Writer   The Craft Studio hosted a 4-hour crafting event on Saturday, Sept. 19, in celebration of MU’s Family Weekend. The Craft Studio is located in the north tower of Memorial Student Union. According to The Craft Studio’s website, it is a recreational art studio where people can work […]

Street Pianos Encourage Passerby to ‘Play It Loud’

  Jasmin Hampton, 23News Staff Writer   Most people go downtown with friends and family to get a sense of the city. Their goal may be to shop, to eat or even to visit certain attractions. But in some cities, tourists may come across a vividly decorated piano just sitting on the sidewalk. Though they […]

Mizzou Suicide Prevention Coalition Releases Butterflies for World Suicide Prevention Day

  Justin Kollar, 23News Staff Writer   On Thursday, Sept.  10, MU students gathered around Francis Quadrangle in support of those affected by suicide. Students in attendance showed their support by purchasing butterflies (300 to be exact), which were all released following the ceremony. Julia Schroer, Director of the Mizzou Suicide Prevention Coalition, said she […]

Students “Stop for the Signs” to Learn Campus Safety

  Aviva Okeson-Haberman, 23News Staff Writer As students walked to classes on Monday, Sept. 14, they may have come across several brightly colored stop signs. The event, aptly named “Stop for the Signs,” was organized by the Safe Mizzou Coalition. Various student organizations, including STRIPES, SHAPE and the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center participated in the two-hour […]